Strong Topics for an Argumentative Essay and Good Tips to Cover It

Strong Topics for an Argumentative Essay and Good Tips to Cover It

We can treat an argumentative essay as a typical academic assignment. There are plenty of topics to complete this task promptly. Here you may get a lot of tested tips and suggested topics for your effective drafting also.

Basic Points about Argumentative Essay Topics

Good topics for argumentative essays are your opportunities for enhancing analytical and writing skills. So, it is worth practicing in this writing for becoming a skilled writer. If you can address any difficult or controversial topic, you may easily present your own opinion about any aspect of our life.

If your teacher has not assigned any topic, this is fine. You may find good topics for an amazing essay on your own nearly everywhere. The principal point here is choosing some matter where it is impossible to elaborate on one and only opinion. Your topic should not be too explicit, but it should create controversies. If you see an opportunity for discussions, this may be a good choice for you. Political topics are perfect for discussions.

You may find inspiration for your argumentative essay nearly everywhere. But, we suggest you paying attention to the most up-to-date events that interest many people. This will make your work more interesting because it is always better to write about something you know well.

If you develop argumentative essay for college, you need research such well. Search for and use various resources:

  • books;
  • movies, including documentaries;
  • articles;
  • tables with statistics data;
  • reviews and journals
  • newspapers;
  • reports of NGOs, international organizations;
  • pictures.

If you are focused on getting strong arguments, choose only credible, relevant info for that. By credible, we mean that such data is verified and trustworthy. Of course, this aspect is frequently determined by the source you use for your writing. By relevant, we mean that such data explores a certain side of a topic and is related directly to it.

Process these sources of information and reflect on your opinion. We suggest you write down all suggestions that appear during your work. Personalized text is must-have at this point.

When you have these suggestions develop the principal statement and arguments. The first one is explicit but creates controversies at the same time. Don’t be afraid of doing that. Remember that you can share your opinion, and there will always be people who may disagree with you. This is a normal state of things, so it is better to express yourself freely.

While elaborating on your arguments, we also suggest you focus on the target audience. Describe such in mind first of all. For what people are you going to draft this essay? How can these people react to your opinion? What can they expect from your topic? How can you surprise them? What approach for writing will work for them?

Oh, if we speak about the writing approach, we also suggest you remain confident in any case. Even if your opinion is controversial, we suggest you express such confidently too. Prefer strict and concise formulations. It is also better to emphasize, especially your clarity. Future reviewers should easily grasp your opinion and argumentation. If you can pass your text to somebody for review, that may help you a lot.

When you have developed preliminary ideas for your essay, think about the main question you want to answer in your essay. This will help you a lot in developing an outline for it. But, your content should be grouped into three main sections:

  • the introduction where you state a problem and place your opinion about that;
  • the main body of your essay where you indicate arguments and devote one paragraph to each of them;
  • It’s a conclusion where you restate the main opinion expressed in your essay in other words and leave room for considerations and discussion with your reviewers.

It is very important to draft a couple of versions for this type of essay. You should set aside your first draft and look at it with your fresh view later. Here is how you can identify its strong and weak points and make your position better.

Yes, we have got plenty of things to consider. But, two checklists will facilitate the drafting process. We advise you to consider them in any case.

How to Develop an Argumentative Essay

This academic task is very interesting but may appear challenging at the same time. No worries, we have good and tested tips you may apply. All of them are subdivided into two groups.

Here Is What You Should Do

There are good things to follow while writing; here is what we want to emphasize:

  • Follow all instructions you have for this essay. This may seem obvious. But, failing to follow such requirements frequently results in worse grades;
  • Research your topic well and make sure you understand its meaning comprehensively. Evaluate any matter comprehensively;
  • Think about the main points of view you want to communicate and develop your arguments based on such. Such arguments should be concise and easy to understand. Your reader should notice nearly at once where your arguments are in your text;
  • If you need to support your opinion, use only credible info by forming examples that correspond to the current state of things;
  • Control the word count. These essays should be concise. Any argument and supporting explanation should be brief, so your reviewers could easily catch their essence;
  • Use a good hook to open a text. This may be different valuable info, statistics, or even your interesting considerations;
  • Create some room for discussions. Formulate your arguments in a manner that leaves an opportunity for debates;
  • Check the grammar and punctuation of your essay;
  • Proofread your essay a couple of times and use readability checkers.

What We Suggest You Avoid

There are also certain things we suggest you avoid while writing:

  • avoid choosing topics where you cannot form any arguments;
  • don’t open your text with a quote. Prefer your own considerations;
  • avoid using too awkward and complicated words for your essay;
  • don’t rewrite the existing examples; rely on your own opinion;
  • avoid too general things. Your statements should always be concrete.

Argumentative Essay Topics for Your Choice

You may pick an aspect that interests you most of all. But, if you are limited in time, we suggest choosing among those argumentative essay topics we have prepared for you.

  • Tobacco should be prohibited;
  • Capital punishment should exist in any country;
  • It is better to control the alcohol turnover;
  • Energy drinks should be prohibited;
  • Online streaming of court hearings should be compulsory;
  • The voting rights should be provided at this age;
  • This is the best age for starting drinking;
  • There is no justice in a nutshell;
  • The best revolution is the revolution of a mindset;
  • College students should have more good opportunities for money-making;
  • The government should support the business without interfering with it;
  • Blockchain technology will change education for the better;
  • Art is a good form of self-expression for everyone;
  • Music is a kind of perception of the world;
  • It is better to leave school early to succeed;
  • Start your business to succeed.

Last Words about Argumentative Essays

Making a text with arguments is important for developing valuable skills. First of all, we speak about presenting your opinion effectively. So, take this chance to choose a good topic you sincerely enjoy and research it well. Always feel free to share with your consideration on the subject but formulate such in the form of strong arguments. Keep them brief and prefer strong words to communicate your opinion. If you want to strengthen your point of view, add extra pieces of evidence and examples but make sure they are relevant and credible. But, if you experience difficulties, refer our best scholarship essay writing service again to get help.

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